A Kishin assassin the specializes in long range attacks

Appearance Edit

Like all Kishin, metal fiber muscles, motor and pistons are partially visible underneath his curved armor. He had a white barrel shaped chest, with chest chest plates. His arms are grey, while his legs have blue armor plating. On his shoulder is a rocket shaped gun, his helmet is a dark grey and he has a green glass eye patch over his left blue optic.

Personality Edit

Sem is stoic and cerebral but has a fascination with strange things. He is quite and often seems distracted by any peculiar things he comes across. He is almost never one to start a fight, but his aim is impeccable

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Photon Rifle: The weapon mounted on his shoulder. It can shut down any electrical device it hits and vaporize most forms of organic life. It's name come from the bright burst of light it gives of.
  • Jet Engines: Located in his calves, these thrusters allow him to fly fast distances
  • Deflector Shield: His chest plates are deflector plates, generating an energy distortion seen only when stopping incoming fire.

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