The security and military forces of the Vandoricons.

Insignia Edit

Their insignia is a hollow downward pointed triangle with a pair of wings at the base.

Ranks Edit

  • Ensign: Basic rank and only for Operators
  • Cadet (closest translation): The lowest rank
  • Minor:
  • Major:
  • Paragon:
  • Maximus: Leader of divisions
  • Magnus: Highest rank. Leads the whole organization and answers only to the Prime

Sub-Groups Edit

  • Militia/Security Forces: Basically police
  • Aeronaticons: Their air force. It is where fliers go
  • Senticon Fleet: The groups that flies and commands their ships and consists of mainly Ensigns

History Edit

Originally the reformed Militia, which fought against the Predabots, their numbers were boosted by 'tank-bred' soldiers, who were mass produced for the coming war against the Chromiums. Not given official names, but numbers, they began the traditions of odd names that continued to the Maxigon times

Ships Edit

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