Alternate Form(s): Car
Age: Unknown
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Home world: Unknown
Series: Transformers: Voltz Wars
Type: Neutral
Family N/A
Affiliation Team Maximus
Created by SolZen321
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Trusted ally of Maximus, Sentinel is more interested in making the best of what he has, knowing there is no going back.


Not a fighter, nor a coward, Sentinel has resigned himself to the fate Maxion dealt him and the others. For this reason he follows Maximus in his attempts to make out some meager living on Mirth in his new robotic body.


  • Blaster Pistol: Standard armament, only good for close range.
  • Missiles: Can fire missiles from his chest armor.
  • Plasma Cannons: Can fire plasma bolts from gun that emerge from his shoulders.
  • Sentinel Blade: A laser broadsword. His strongest weapon.



Sentinel's crime is one of association and for failing to stop the cataclysm. He was friends with Maxion's previous identity but failed to stop the incident, when asked for help.


  • His appearance is that of Transformers GT Saber