"Trust me, I'm an engineer!" - Sentinel's Catchphrase

Sentinel 72 (simply called Sentinel by the crewmates) is an engineer of starship Atlanta, working under the orders of Chief Engineer Zombie.

History Edit

Sentinel 72 is one of Milestone Corporation's artificial Cyberbots. Unfortunately an accident happened and the company went bankrupt, shutting down the creation of artificial Cyberbots and leaved them to work with real Cyberbots. Like all artificial Cyberbots, Sentinel 72's AI suffers from a strange flaw which causes his memories to be overwritten every time and has aged badly over the years. As one of the last remaining artificial Cyberbots, Sentinel joined the crew of the Atlanta as their engineer, to explore the endless space and also to enjoy the possible last moments of his life. 

Appearance Edit

Sentinel 72 is a tall robot with a very thin body. His primary color is blue with several parts of his body painted purple. Like most Milestone Corporation artificial Cyberbots, he can temporarily change his appearance into a normal looking human. His human form is a middle-aged tall man wearing a red engineering outfit.

Personality and Hobbies Edit

Sentinel's mood is unpredictable due to his aging AI system. He is also forgetful as his AI randomly clears data every time. One particular trait is his tendency to get lost or bump into stuffs. Another notable trait is his sheer hatred of maths, so much so that he threw a 1,000 page mathematics notebook into a nuclear incinerator. 

His hobby is playing video games, especially strategy games. His favorite musics are those made before and 5 years after the bankruptcy of Milestone Corporation.

'Inventions' Edit

  • Laser Cats: Sentinel modified several toy cats into laser firing cats. It currently serves as a decoration.
  • Modular Chairs: Sentinel created several small boxes that when deployed, turns into chairs.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

  • Alternate Mode: Sentinel can transform into a small car with a built in microwave. In this mode, Sentinel is equipped with a loudhailer for unknown reasons. 
  • Atlas IKEA Railgun: A near perfect copy of Zombie's Admantine Needle Railgun. It has unlimited ammunition and can be deployed from his right arm. It unfortunately has the tendency to jam during intense situations.
  • Human Disguise: A state of the art technology created by Milestone Corporation, he can temporarily disguise himself as a human.
  • Wrench: Sentinel carries a large wrench everywhere he goes. It is used to fix or hit stuff.

Trivia Edit

  • His quote is from this video.
  • His personality is mostly based on Sentinel 72's real life personality. 
  • IKEA stands for Infinite Kinetic Energy Ammunition.

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