This Sentinel Short Skits is a short view of several (possible) upcoming series by Sentinel 72.

Powered Teridax Edit

Rei Akatsuki walks around the Initiative's main base. As he is responsible for monitoring Powered Teridax, the amount of stress and fatigue caused by the 24/7 monitoring of the Intiative's and arguably Earth's only defense against the lifeforms of the Tremor. Stopping underneath a tree, he sat and slept under the shade of the tree, with the breeze of wind from both the AC and the wasteland passing through his body.

Infinity Warrior 2 Edit

A synthroid under the name Aeden is standing on board the Royal Navy's flagship, the Warspite-class aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. It has been 300 years since the Second Black Death, and with a terrorist organization threatening to disturb the peace of the free world, he is constantly on duty and has little time in taking a rest. With the world's peace hanging on the edge of the balance, he'll do anything to prevent a possible disaster and he is prepared for his next mission.

Special Task Force Unit Edit

The (in)famous Special Task Force Unit, often shortened to STFU, is known for their elaborate attempts to have fun with anything. With the weapons of The Industry, including weapons, mechs, and a spaceship, they have no qualms whatsoever in finishing their mission, no matter the risk.

Their leader, Ares, is a veteran of many wars and he was the former God of War before he was replaced by Mars.

The second member, Thursk, was a human turned into some sort of alien-Bane-mantis monster after having signing a contract with the devil in exchange for immortality.

The third member, Vincent, is a skilled assassin specializing in stealthy approaches and distractions.

Fourth member is the man only known as the Silent Warrior, who is a traveler from a ninja world with cool techniques and he's one of the few 'normal' humans who hunts down beasts and ninjas for a living.

The fifth member is the medieval knight Dorn, who is an expert in creating weapons and armor.

The sixth member is the wizard Thorn, who has learned most spells and masters in alchemy as well.

The seventh member is the cyborg Lavos, who was created to be the perfect supersoldier before he escaped and lived the the unit.

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