The resident security Officer of the academy. He is a war veteran that loves to talk about his Guns. Transforms into an HML, with a trailer that becomes the V.W.P. (Variable Weapons Platform) Armor he wears.


Sentry appears as a large bot with numerous guns/weapons on his arms and his back. In truth he is an average size silver bot in an army green power suit. His suit gives him missile launchers on his back and makes him appear tall and bulky. Hidden beneath his armor, his leg sports wheels and a pair of wheels are on his back.


A veteran of the Great War, Sentry hides his PTS behind his love of weapons, he knows practically everything there is about practically of conventional weapon the Transformers use (he probably also has it). He is keen on passing his knowledge on to future generations.


As a veteran warrior, Sentry knows how to hold his own, even against larger opponents.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Path Blaster: A fully customized version of gun, is rarely used due to his armor.
  • V.W.P. Armor: Takes the form of his trailer. It is a larger version of Map Buster's system, providing Sentry with any weapon whose specs he knows but on a larger scale. It also provides greater strength and protections.

Vehicle Mode

Sentry becomes a silver HML truck with a pointed face, bearing an army green trailer.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Path Blaster: A fully customized version of gun, emerge from the top/back of the truck.
  • Trailer: As his V.W.P. system transformed, it can transform into practically any weapon.


  • Vehicle to Robot: Sentry's face collapses into chest armor and his back opens up, allowing his arms to swing forward and the plats contract and morph into shoulder armor. The base of the truck becomes his lower half and feet.



  • Sentry was created thanks to the ideas of User Teridax122