The separatists are a group of humans who refuse to live under the rule of the Alliance Union.

History Edit

In the years during the formation of the Union, several groups of people from the original space colonies created prior to the exodus from Earth found themselves conquered and then forced into exile when they refused to bow to the newly forming government's oppressive laws. They left for deep space.

In the later years, pirate attacks and terrorist activities have been attributed to this group, but a living separatist has not been seen in centuries.

Unknown to the Alliance Union, the region of space known as the Unknown Territories has been claimed by them, having settle on an artificial planet and acquired great levels of technology. The call themselves The New Earth Nation

Major New Earth Technology Edit

  • Assemblers: Relatively small ( they are usually the length of a small room or two) the take processed material and convert them into components for construction, from computers to super chargers, but they require process materials.
  • Hyper Drive: Unlike Mass Drives, Hyper Drive are much faster and allow for easy travel Beyond Solar Systems.
  • Arc Reactors: Improvements of the Nuclear Generators, these are around twenty times more powerful and used in cities
  • Plasma Generators: The size of small reactors but more powerful than Nuclear Generators, used on military defenses and vessels.
  • Bio-Suits: All humans wear these advance space suits, the provide oxygen and other life support function along with a compact jet pack. They are more form fitting and have armor pieces for on-board computers. New Earth Suits are much more form fitting than Alliance suits
  • Directed Energy Weapons: Their superior energy systems allow their ships to use powerful weapons such as phasers.
  • Gravity Generation Matrix: Also commonly called a Gravity Generator.
  • Warp Gates: Instant teleportation Gates, there are even Super Gates for ships.
  • Cryo Pods: Stasis Pods, for long journeys.
  • Oxygen Generators: Used to provide air on ships and in stations.
  • Hydroponics: In the absence of farm land, these devices are used to grow crops.
  • Water Processor: Used to convert unhygienic water into drinking water
  • Food Processor: Used to transform ingredients into food, even material as simple as gravel and water.

New Earth Ships Edit

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