A robot from another dimension. Their goal is Mechanism Compendium.

Appearance Edit

While trying to enter N-Space, they appear as large shadowy outlines of their true forms, with red eyes. They are humanoids with cubic armor and twin spins on the side of their heads.

Goals Edit

Their goal is to find the Compendium and finish their Phase Controller Technology.

Armaments, Parts and Abilities Edit

  • Strength: Their strength is beyond human, being able to easily overpower one.
  • Phase Controller: A cone shaped device in their body, it is what anchors them to N-Space.
  • Three Chamber Power Core: A matter-antimatter power core. The Anti-Matter is not enough to be a serious threat.
  • Electric Shock and Drain: They can electrocute or drain electricity from others, even humans.

Weaknesses Edit

As beings from another dimension, they cannot exist in N-Space truly, their phase shift technology is also not enough to protect them from transdimensional stress, which turns their bodies into gas. To stabilize themselves they absorb electricity. This makes them vulnerable to dead organic matter, like timber, which drains their static electric field.

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