A race of beings who worship the Von. Their world, Shamala, dwells in the unknown regions of the Scorpio Galaxy.

Appearance and Biology Edit

Shamalans have pointed ears, long straight black hair, pointed eyebrows and pointed cranial domes. They are humanoid and generally where light colored robes.

As their world is a jungle planet, they are accustomed to hot temperatures and high humidity. On drier worlds they quickly suffer from dehydration and they cannot stand anything cooler than a temperate world.

Culture Edit

The Shamalans worship the Von, beings of energy who generally wear platform suits to contain themselves. They live a monastic and orderly life, so ordered that their caste system regulates things such as when to eat or procreate. They are run by the Accountancy, lead by a Head Brother or Sister, who reports directly to the Von.

The hate and despite the 'Shadows', another race of advance beings who fight the Von.

Their technology is also much more artistic than much of the galaxy, using what appears to be carved stone in place of metal, to manipulate plasma and other forms of energy. Their technology often uses a lot of crystals. While they can manipulate energy like a space age race (even having Deflector Shields long before the other organic races of the galaxy), they lack the technology for faster than light travel and barely have any satellites let alone travel off-world.

History Edit

To their knowledge and belief, they have always been lead by the Von

Trivia Edit

  • They are based on a race from Babylon 5.

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