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Due to Shining being an Otaku. He have a lot of thing to do in his free time and by free time I mean nearly every single moment in his life. Cuz he is a god and a god job is just be there and do nothing.

List Edit

  1. Built Otaku Nation
  2. Built Animeland
  3. Watch every single Robot Anime ever made
  4. Watch every single other anime
  5. Watch every cartoon ever made
  6. Read every manga ever made
  7. Read every comic ever made
  8. Read every doujin ever made
  9. Play every game ever made
  10. Keep those thing from dying just so I could have more to read watch and play etc.
  11. Buy every single Lego set ever
  12. Assembling all of them
  13. Buy every Gunpla and plastic model ever
  14. See 12
  15. Collect everything made by Hasbro and Takara
  16. Collecting every single toy ever made
  17. Protect all the company
  18. Turn everyone into Otaku
  19. LEGO Cronicle Project
  20. Give every toy I own life of their own.
  21. TOY WAR
  22. Make a custom figure of myself
  23. Give all my bros a custom masterpiece figure
  24. Sell a toyline call Bravepla.
  25. Mass-Product every single toy I own and stash them.
  26. Wait till Christmas and give them to kid (No Xeno allowed)

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