The Shining Redemption robots were part of Lord Shiny's army, used to purge the universe of anything he found unworthy.


After enslaving a large number of what Lord Shiny would call 'Xenos', he forced them to build thousands of these giant robots of mass destruction. They were removed from the universe by the hero SolZen along with their master.

A few years later, one of them, and perhaps the last, attacked the Atlanta in an attempt to rescue Lord Ba Dao, who is one of Shiny's followers and head of the Cult of Shiny. However, if it could not complete its mission, it would destroy the entire Atlanta along with Ba Dao.


They have a black head with two bulging eyes. They have two-digit clawed feet that can turn around to enter their alternate mode. On the back, there are many attachments including extra arms, feet, cannons and lasers to upscale its deadliness. Their massive size dwarfs most robots.


  • Armour: Extremely hard, black armour that is nearly indestructible.
  • Main Cannon: A curved, black, hook-shaped piece, it fires massive amounts of Spacium-enhanced energy.
  • Side Cannons: Used in conjunction with the Main Cannon to fire energy rays.
  • Tesla Cannons: Two large attachments on the back that fire the Red Lightning. These can reposition themselves to hit targets that are behind it.
  • Missile Cannons: Its back contains missile cannons that can fire a barrage of homing missiles.
  • Eyes: Perfectly capable of seeing in most conditions.
  • Arm blades: Two serrated arm blades that can cut through just about anything.
  • Extra Arms: Two extra arms that are capable of punching at short range.
  • Extra Feet: They are there simply for better stability in Traveling Mode.
  • Mandibles: Extremely powerful mandibles capable of crunching most materials and substances with ease.


  • Energy Field: They constantly activate an energy field that negates most damage.
    • Energy Blast: A Shining Redemption robot is able to release a blast of energy, destroying anything in the area. However, this ability causes their energy field to shut down for a while to recharge.
  • Particles Beams: Very powerful Spacium enhanced rays from the eyes and Main Cannon. Takes time to charge up.
  • Red Lighting: Red lightning from the tesla cannons.
  • Flight: Terrestrial or interstellar flight can be achieved through the use of boosters.
  • Alternate Mode: It is able to switch from its Combat Mode to Traveling Mode by turning its head and legs backward, its attachments also reposition themselves.
  • Split: The Shining Redemption can split into 2 separate robots by detaching its rear attachments.


This page may be rewritten by SolZen (user) if he wants to, since he is the main writer for Atlanta: Journey to Extinction.


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