Shiny Syndrome is a rare mental blessing. There is only two recorded case of being affect by this Syndrome.

Symptoms Edit

Any being can contact Shiny Syndrome by interacting with Shining Convoy for a certain time period without proper mental protection Especially lesser mechanoid life-form like Bayformers and Primeformers. They're the prime candidate for this mental blessing.

Symptoms of this blessing including, degradation of moral. Narcissist tendency, racism thought, bigotry view toward Xeno, twisted point of view about freedom and life, mood whiplash, intense desire toward one romantic partner to the point where she become the most important thing in his life, matriarchy thought. Fanboyism toward Shining and the Yuusha.

Cure Edit

There is no cure for Shiny Syndrome. Once you're blessed, the blessing stay with you for the rest of your life.

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