Shockwave - Copy
Alternate Form(s): Sci-fi Tank
Age: N/A
Height: 35ft
Weight: N/A
Home world: Cybertron
Series: TBA
Type: Villain
Family N/A
Affiliation Decepticons
Created by Zombiejiger

Shockwave is an extremely logical Decepticon strategist and scientist, with an alternate mode consisting of a futuristic tank.


Shockwave is a tall, thin robot with a purple and gunmetal paintjob. He has a cone-shaped neck, ending with a small one-eyed, horned head. Two large spikes emerge from each side of Shockwave's head, and angle up at the tips.

Tank treads are mounted on his upper arms and the backs of his legs. Two pipes emerge from his back, and connected to his forearms, one of which ends in a bladed cannon. The other has two smaller guns emerging from the wrist, and a clawed hand. On the cannon arm, Shockwave has a small, second eye mounted as if a scope, which is used for aiming.

A large red Decepticon symbol graces Shockwave's chest, a contrast against the purple. On the Decepticon's back, there is a backpack-like device that powers his weapons, and forms the turret in his tank mode. Twin power cylinders emerge from the top of this device.


Shockwave is cold, unemotional, and almost completely logical.


Weapons Tech and AbilitiesEdit

  • Particle Beam Cannon: A large cannon replacing Shockwave's left hand.
  • Laser Turret: Dual guns, mounted on Shockwave's right wrist.
  • Claws: Shockwave has large claws on his right hand.

Tank ModeEdit

Shockwave's alternate mode consists of a heavily armed, four-treaded tank.


  • Most aspects of Shockwave's design came from the G1 and Animated versions, along with custom LEGO versions by M<0><0>DSWIM ! and Yuri Fassio. His "backpack" is based on Clone Commando armor, from Star Wars.
  • The Particle Beam Cannon is named after the name of Megatron's Fusion Cannon on his G1 figure's packaging.

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