A member the Tao Family, who exiled himself. Due to his strong potential and genius, the elders are keen to get him to comeback.

Appearance Edit

Shukasa is a young man with shoulder length black hair. He has a narrow jaw with a five o'clock shadow and wears a dark sweater and blue jeans. Outside he is always with a pair of shades. He has jade green eyes.

Personality Edit

Shukasa has a more scientific view on the world and is disappointed with the Tao for the adherence to centuries old dogma and ritual. He views both Sol and the monsters he faces as invasive existences for the Earth and believes both should be purged. He is playful and often teasing of others. He does not like being controlled by others.

He is somewhat arrogant, and strange, and views 'evolution' as something that cannot be controlled, viewing those who try as 'blasphemers drunk on their own arrogance'.

History Edit

From the time of his youth Shukasa was seen as one most likely to become the next head. He showed little signs of the problems modern Tao deal with and was shown to be bright and gifted. However, Shukasa always scoffed under the pressure the Tao put him under and disliked them due to the treatment his mother received and their attempts to distance him from her. The fact that his father did nothing to help his mother, even privately upset him.

When he attempted to marry someone outside of the family, his fiance died under 'mysterious circumstances', which finally convinced him to leave the family entirely, to the shock and disappointment of his clan.

At present he is a university professor at Jean's school.

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