Sky Haul is a robot that transforms into a bio-mechanical bird.

Appearance Edit

Sky Haul is a red bot with a hawk creature's head on his chest. On his back are large red and white wings, while red but mostly bare arms are underneath. On his feet/shins are hawk talons.

Personality Edit

Sky Haul is often too fast for his own good, inexperienced and always looking for a good time, he can often get himself into trouble. He is also proud and often does not like to apologize.

Biology Edit

Sky Haul is a bio-mechanical life form, underneath his armor one would find a collection of natural wires, pistons, circuitry in a bio-mechanical fashion. Inside are also other organs/parts, such as batteries, his Bio-Core, his Ethium Stores and Ethium Processing plant. He is a Promethium based life form.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Sonic Scalpels: Emerging out of his arms are devices that fires polarized sonics waves, so intense they cause a photo-thermal effect (heat and light). They can easily cut through regular metal, cutting into his fellow bots like a scalpel to flesh.
  • Chest Mounted Cannon: He cane fire energy blasts from the head on his chest.
  • Flight: In robot mode, his wings become ion thrusters, keeping him aloft with a golden glow.
  • Hawk Vision: Sky Haul can see farther than most bots. His eye can also act as telescopes.

Transformation Edit

  • Hawk to Robot: Sky's head comes down to his chest while his read head comes out. From his sides come his arms while his wings move back. From the back of his bird thighs come his robot legs which merge with his bird legs.

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