A type of 'organic android', they are servants grown in vats. They are often used as an alternative to slaves.

In many parts of the Galaxy, they are illegal.

Appearance Edit

While their appearance varies per manufacturer, they are generally featureless humanoids before modification.

Most slabs are denoted by rectangular devices on one or both of their temples.

Nature Edit

They often require cybernetics, the Slabs are artificially created beings, with limited or even just one chromosome, limited intelligence and varying strength.

They typically have short lifespans of about five, ten or twenty years, approximate.

Types Edit

  • Servant: A common type
  • Worker: Larger in build, made for heavy lifting
  • Pleasure: Made to look very attractive, to the buyer's specification
  • Infiltration: Made to look like any of the other types, but has surveillance and broadcast hardware installed.

Examples Edit

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