The warrior engineers of humanity

Appearance and Nature Edit

Cyborgs, Smiths have undergone heavy cybertization, including nanobots in the blood to improve their immune systems. Their forearms and legs have been replaced with robotics legs, organs such as lungs, and kidneys. They are then housed in power armor which also doubles as a space suit.

This armor is large bulky, and resembles the plate armor of a knight. It sports a backpack from which mechanical arms holding tools such as saws and welders can appear to help in construction. Said backpack also has thrusters.

The suit's database also holds numerous files and data.

Role and Duties. Edit

Smiths are sent alone, or in groups, if the planet is seen as dangerous, to potential worlds for colonization. They go via drop pods which they dissect for materials to begin constructing bases, vehicles and even a Gene Seed Loom, a cloning chamber.

With it, a Smith can produce a clone army, educated by A.I. intelligence to assist them, in construction, upkeep and even fighting. These clones have less cybernetics and wear less bulky power armor, or slim space suits. They are seen as expendable, less human and more fleshy robots. With these tools a Smith can build a small functioning city, with a space port, a space station ready for traffic and even a Super Warp Gate.

Smiths may also lead normal marines on missions and lead military campaigns. These campaigns are called exalted marches.

The simple role of the Smith, is the protection and advancement of mankind.

Organization Edit

The Smith are divided in 'Chapters' each of which is lead by an Archbishop. Beneath them are several Bishops, followed by Clerics and finally normal Brothers and Sisters of the brotherhood.

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