The First and only Primarch of the Cyberbots. In life he was called Sol, or just Magnus.

Appearance Edit

Magnus was a large imposing Mechanoid, with a thick cubic build. He resembled SolZen to a degree but with many noted differences. Magnus' faceplate was grill like and resembled an ancient knight's. He had smoke stacks on his shoulders and his chest sported a grill plate. On the sides of his legs, instead of wheels there are metallic discs/plates for hover movement. His body was once red with gold lines and rims.

At present his body is grey/black save for the blue metal box attached to his chest, which is connected to the wires and tubes that connect to the ceiling and the large chair he sits on.

Personality Edit

In his time, Magnus was a great warrior, philosopher, and scientist. He was known for generally being calm and giving motivational speeches and for being a close fatherly figure to those beneath him. He also disliked the practically religious worship thrown on him.

History Edit

The Legendary founder of Modern Cyberbot Society, Magnus united the warring clans by using his advance knowledge to affix their rogue planet homeworld, to a star system. From there he built up their civilization and fostered the peaceful exploration of the stars. This was until, however, one of his acolytes turned on him. Now known as the Betrayer, he started a civil war that nearly cost the species everything. However, as the Betrayer was struck down so to was Magnus, his spark casing pierced.

While he was in stasis lock, his body was put on Spark Support which was added to the believe that he will one day come back online. At present he rests upon the Chrome Throne. It is a subject of hot debate whether Magnus has truly gone offline and the machines are only keeping his body preserved, or if the Primarch still functions but just barely.

In his honor, the ranks of Magnus and Supreme Magnus were created and he is the focus of religious worship.

Trivia Edit

  • His backstory is a combination of the Emperor of Mankind's from Warhammer 40k, and Movie Sentinel Prime's backstory as told in comics.
  • SolZen321 had already thought about using the title 'Primarch' before he learned about Warhammer 40k.

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