The long time Captain of the Atlanta. He is most commonly referred to SolZen, Sol, Zen or captain.

Appearance Edit

SolZen is a very large robot with a mostly cubic design to his person. He is mainly red with orange flames, a grey helmet and a face plate. He has wheel on his lower legs and on his back, and a small metal backpack.

Personality Edit

SolZen is a generally a calm bot, and can be quite gentle and always ready for a joke, but he also be very worrisome and has a dry, and somewhat dark sense of humor. When serious he is very matter of fact, and when roused can be extremely threatening with as little effort needed. Despite wanting to be a peaceful being, he knows full well the extent to which he can be cruel when roused and strives to control himself.

SolZen spends his time with literature, or studying technology, especially archaic robot designs, which have given him a somewhat working understanding of robotic medical care, and the schematics and science of other forms of technology.

SolZen is also smarter than he seems and few know the ins and outs of his ship like him.

SolZen has a personal grudge against Lord Shiny and all who follow him.

History Edit

A decorated ship commander of the rank Magnus. SolZen has seen many adventures during his time as the ship's captain. Due to his decorated career rumors have sparked that SolZen was of the Sparkline of SolMagnus, first and only Primarch of the Cyberbot Commonwealth. He wholeheartedly refutes this notion despite their similar appearance.

It was SolZen who banished Lord Shiny and now bears the Ban Ray, somewhat fused to his inner workings.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Incendiary Sword: A sword of Duranium, capable of becoming so hot, the air around it erupts in fire. His favored attack, is a swing while, raising its heat to the max, creating a cutting slash of heat. It was made by Zombiejiger, using fragments of the core of Armageddon Gospel.
  • Swordsmanship: SolZen is an expert wielder of the sword.
  • Buster Cannon: A power weapon, stored in collapsed form in his backpack. A single shot can down a typical mechanoid and even blow limbs clear off. A charged shot is a devastating particle beam that requires a cool down afterwards.
  • Ban Ray: The ancient device stored within his chest. He does not fully understand how to control it, but he often threaten people with it.

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