Current Leader of the Ultra Editors, Head Admin

Personality Edit


Appearance Edit

SolZen is a dark skinned man with a shaved head, and burning red eyes.

His armor is all black with a red glow, due to his unique brand of energy. On his shoulders is the skull and pelt of a grey wolf like creature. The skull rests on his left shoulder, while the paws rests on the right and the fur serves as a sort of cape. Due to his aura, the eyes of the skull also glow red. When he moves he generates flames when he moves through the air and his optics glow a very bright red. His power armor also sports claws and shields on his forearms.

Editor Chapter Edit

His personal Followers, the Dragon Slayers have painted their armor black and turned their optics red to emulate their Admin. They have red flames painted on their chests and shoulders to emulate his fiery power. They have a tendency to use flamethrowers/Heat Ray Projectors and Incendiary Blades and can be rather savage towards their enemies.

They are also rather unforgiving and cane zealots despite their leader's rather calm nature. Due to this they are called the 'Sons of Sol' as insult, but one they have taken as their own title.

Web Powers and Armaments Edit

  • Sol's Specium Energy had evolved into Stellarium, giving him his fiery persona, it also gives him...
    • Linkage Resistance: He is resistant to the Linkage more so than non admins
    • Fire Powers: He can generate massive flames and control them at his will. These flames can purge Daorium and other evil Web Powers.
    • Stellar Aura: His body/armor burns Daorium based beings at the slightest touch. it also grants his frightening aura.
  • Incendiary Blade: Sol's personally modified blade, it channels his wrath as streams of fiery energy, or waves of it with each swing.
  • Ban Ray: A personal Disruptor Pistol, it can devastate anything it hits.

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