A giant being who is both Jean's alter ego, and progenitor

Appearance Edit

Very Ultra like in appearance, Sol is red with white arms, feet and golden markings. His face is also white, with an Ultra like mouth, a bar which goes over his rectangular nose, Seven like eyes, golden chest armor, a glowing orb in the middle of his chest and horn like protrusion on the side of hi crested head. He also sports a blue light on his forehead.

Personality Edit

There is little to say of personality before Jean.

History Edit

For reasons unknown Sol came to Earth and merged with Maxine, cleansing her body of its toxins, restoring her health and incarnating as her daughter.

Its form is now only seen when Jean transforms, and it's personality seems to only exist in Jean's mind as a representation of her powers.

Stats Edit

  • Height: Mainly 50 M
  • Weight: 35,000 ton
  • Flight Speed: Unknown, much faster than a jet at full speed.
  • Stellar Energy: The power his body runs on. How he creates it is unknown, but he gets stronger by absorbing light. It is seen in his sphere form and when he bleeds
    • Strength: Sol can lift and throw monsters, and his punches can harm them.
    • Arms: His arms can conduct million of watts of energy
    • Skin: Closing immediately upon breaching, it is immune to normal weaponry, and can endure intense heat and blocks harmful radiation.
    • Legs: Sol generates anti-gravity from his feet to fly.
    • Horns: It is unknown what purpose his horns serve.

Abilities Edit

  • Stellar Ray: Fired in the Specium Ray Position, but from both arm. Before that his palm emit large amounts of golden electrical bolts
  • Forehead Beam: Powerful enough to deliver third degree burns to a kaiju. It may even kill them in one hit.
  • Sphere Form: Sol can take on the form of a ball of energy, resembling a golden, stylized version of a sun with ribbons of sparkling energy around it. It is the reason for his code name.
  • Pending.

Trivia Edit

  • Sol is not the giant's real name. His real name has never been given. He is referred to as Sol, or 'the Giant' by several, 'Father/Dad' by Jean and 'Him' by Maxine, but his real name has never been given.
  • Sol is based on the Manga Ultraman Taro
  • His name is just his creator being too lazy to find an actual name for him and the series.

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