The blade of SolZen.

Appearance Edit

The Sol Blade is a long sword with a red handle with jet wings bearing orange flame marking. At the bottom of the hilt is a green jewel.

Nature Edit

The Sol Blade is a Danger Blade, it generates vast amounts of heat. Normally, its blade is as hot as the sun but in an instant it can reach the temperature of the sun's core, but only for a second before it returns to normal temperature, any higher and it was melt itself.. It is made of gravity compacted Cyberanium to survive its one power, this also means it can cut Space Titanium armor. It can also control the flames that surround it, to stop it from igniting an atmosphere

Techniques Edit

  • Sol Slash: Wrapped in flames, SolZen swings and releases an arc of energy at his enemies.
  • Sol Sphere: SolZen spins his blade and creates a large fireball over himself, which he then throws using his sword.
  • Sol Ultimate Slash: Sol slashes his opponent, at the moment before contact, the blade heats up to its maximum ability.
  • Saber Forms: As a master of the blade, SolZen is skilled in several styles of sword fighting, known as Forms.
    • Form 1: The basic form, which is usually his starting stance, it is a basic stance, that provide a solid foundation to transition to the other forms. It is characterized by basic two handed swings and blocks
    • Form 2: A typically one handed style, its purpose is for fencing, dealing with another opponent wielding a sword. It is elegant and known for footwork and stabs.
    • Form 3: A defensive style, it is known for his sword, almost always being pointed up, even when swinging. When swinging the blade does not arc, and it has the sword being used as a shield, meeting and stopping attacks head on.
    • Form 4: A kinetic form, SolZen is almost always moving, lunging, jumping about and somersaulting over the enemy to decapitating them. Used for multiple opponents
    • Form 5: Although a defensive form, this style uses heavy swings and take a great deal of strength and focus to control the sword
    • Form 6: His final form, it combines Spark Cho like abilities with his sword play, which is difficult to use.

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