While other Fusion Devices simply revolve around creating a Plasma Mass, Solar Fusion Core work by mimicking the function of Stars.

Appearance Edit

Inside a sphere shaped device, in a spherical net of control crystals/rods. It is from the core of this net that a ball of plasma appears.

Nature Edit

Between the Control Crystals, the fuel sprayers on the walls, the powerful electromagnets forcing the fuel into the core, a miniature sun is created and held under control. The control rods are the main mechanism for control the reaction speed and power output. However, due to the plasma being held under such intense pressures, any failure could result in a catastrophic explosion.

Depending on its size and fuel input, it can power anything from a star ship, a metropolis or even an entire colony ship sized settlement.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on a device from Transformers Animated.

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