A branch of expertise, Space Engineers are the people responsible for the designing, building and maintenance of a space vessel and its systems.

Space Engineers are expected to know how to construct and repair a Warp Drive, weaponry, defense systems and how to program computers and various other things.

Aspects of Space Engineering are taught at Super Robot Academies to young bots, along with combat. This is because Space Engineering is often useful in constructing bases, weapons, upgrades etc.

Aspects of Space Engineering Edit

  • Hull Theory: Combines Metallurgy and Metal Work.
  • Weapons Theory: The construction of space age weaponry, from Pulse Rifles to more exotic weaponry.
  • Power Systems: The knowledge of how to build a power core and energy transport system for a ship.
  • Warp Theory: Knowledge of how to build an FTL Drive.
  • Sensor Theory: Space Engineers are expected to know how to be build sensors and repair them, along with other monitoring devices.
  • Computer Systems: Space Engineers are often tasked with repairing computer systems and creating/fixing operating systems.
  • Propulsion Theory: All Space Engineers know the basics of Propulsion, especially in space.
  • Communications Theory:

Examples of Space Engineers Edit

  • Solus: His skills lie in the inner systems of a ship.
  • Lunas: Her skills lie in the actual construction of a Ship and it's outer systems such as the hull plating and mechanics. She also has knowledge of the inner workings for a ship but not like her brother.

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