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Dark Gavan

A remote controlled robot made by L as a way to terrorise Britania Empire annonymously. He is the leader of the fake Makkuu Empire. All of his memories and the whole Makuu Empire fiasco is pre-programed. He has no freewill on his own, just an illusion of freewill, bestown upon him by his creator. Who created him base on his childhood heroes. Fully awared of the irony in such creation.

Appearance Edit

Space Terrorist Gavan or Dark Gavan is an identical copy of Gavan. There is no different between him and Gavan in anyway.

Personality Edit

It obviously that this version of Gavan are no heroes. He is a psychopathic murderer with no regard to any human life other than the "Eleven" whom he is programed to protect. Gavan take joy in murdering the Britanian and want to inflict as much pain as possible to them.

Power and Abilities Edit

Dark Gavan has the same power as his good template. Albeit before his good template ascend into legend hood, and gained upgraded from the Zen Seibertron Teikoku.

He is made using Cyber Metal, the weakest metal that all Zen Seibertron Teikoku member once use. To slightly damaged his armor, an ammount of Energy equal to 100 Megaton of TNT, focus on one point are needed. Inside his body is a power generator using Dark Matter Energy, which provided him enough energy for unlimited operation time and weapon usage. One punch from Gavan contain enough force to instantly piece through titanium alloy easliy, like a nuclear bomb exploded near a small piece of Tofu. Fighting him with small arm, tank, and melee weapon is meaningless. He can lift skyscraper and throw them like a body builder throwing his towel around after a hard hour of work. If he feel like it, Gavan can crush a building with one punch and sometime can destroy a whole city block by punching the ground. If his physical ability are not powerful enough, Gavan also have special equipmment.

  • Electro Sonar: Comunication Equipment, with it own private channel hidden in Transwarp. It is impossible for any force in Earth to wire tapping it. Use to communicate with his creator.
  • Gas Sensor: Chemical Annalyzer, use to annalyze any element in the Universe.
  • Laser Scope: Bleeding edge (for Human) sensor that can see anything on Earth. No matter what kind of ECM, Stealth, Radar avoidance method are using.
  • Laser Blade: A sub-monolecular sword with the sharpness less than a molecure. It have a built-in Micro Dark Matter Generator inside the hilt. Which can be use to generate Dark Matter Energy.
  • Gavan Beam: His hand are built with an energy discharger. That can be use to discharge energy directly to any metal subject. Overloading them with radiation.
  • Gavan Shock: His fingertip can discharge electric to disable enemy
  • Gavan Barrier: An energy Barrier use to block attack that his body can't withstand. Like F.L.E.I.J.A use by Britania Empire
  • Laser Z Beam: Energy shot from Gavan hand, use to destroy numerous enemy.
  • Gavan Full Power: Asorb beam energy into his body.


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