The metal used to construct commander class Super Robot bodies.

Nature Edit

Space Titanium, is a metal that does not naturally appear, it is made in the lab and while just as strong, if not stronger than normal titanium, it is relatively light weight. The formula/process used to make it are unstable, meaning the metal in its natural state is radioactive until made a part of some composite alloy.

The metal is several times stronger than titanium and has greater heat resistance.

Due to its unstable nature, dead commander bodies, as the Promethium part of their metal decomposes, the Space Titanium part becomes unstable again, resulting in an explosion.

Creation Edit

Being the reason for its name, it can only be produced in space, it involves a long process of refining, fusing and deoxidizing processes only possible in Zero G. The metal is also given a special tetryon radiation treatment, to allow it to deal with intense gravity and sudden phase changes.

These long processes make it unsuited for mass production, which is why it is only used for Commanders.

Appearance Edit

In its raw form, it is a metal which glows green. Most things mixed with it almost always have a green shine.

Trivia Edit

  • The name comes from the metal used to create the Show Mechagodzilla.
  • It's effects and means of creation come from Gundanium from Gundam Wing.

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