A highly sought after source of energy. Is also spelled Specium. It is the key ingredient for making Ultra Engen.

Nature Edit

Appearing as a blue crystal in ore form, Spacium in its pure form, almost always takes the form of plasma. It is added to fuel supplies to increase their potency.

They appear on worlds like Mars, with little to no atmosphere, and centuries of solar winds and cosmic rays to infuse the ground.

It is poisonous to most life forms, but more advance beings can metabolize it.

History Edit

Spacium is highly sought by many due to the potency enhancing effects it has on fuel supplies. In Mechanoid bodies it is a narcotic/performance enhancer, and as such is forbidden.

See Also Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Spacium, is a reference to Specium, the substance of great importance to Ultraman, from the Ultra Franchise. It can, and has also been spelled 'Spacium'.

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