Sqin Daled is a Jedi Knight, a consular.


Younger human female, pale with brunette hair. She is shorter than both Tiga and Kira, and looks rather average. Dresses in typical, unassuming Jedi garb. Is often jokingly compared to a Nagai, much to her annoyance and exasperation.


Sqin is quiet and almost shy, but she has a deep connection to the Force. As a Knight, she takes pleasure in assisting others, both Jedi and not. With her friends she can be quite humorous and is rather enjoyable to be around.

She enjoys reading and can commonly be found in the Archives.


A friend of Tiga during his time as a Jedi, Squin trained at the same time as Tiga and Kira.


  • Force Sensitive: Sqin has a deep connection to the Force, which manifests itself in her skill with animals, especially canines.
    • Lightsaber skills: Sqin focuses on Form III, and uses a blue lightsaber despite being a consular.


  • Sqin was created by a friend of Zombieiger's.

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