A powerful sword made to unleash devastating damage. Its name comes from the legends that say it was used to cut a star in half, but those are only legends...

Nature Edit

The Star Cleaver used Quantum Fields in a way similar to Danger Blades which emit heat. The Quantum field is there to stop the already durable blade from breaking and to improve its cutting ability. It it powered by 'Living Lightning' the power used by Maxion Prime to accomplish incredible feats and allows the blade to slash even ethereal entities.

The blade itself is made of a metal that hold Hyper-Matter in its molecular structure making it in theory indestructible.

The blade can be charged up and used to unleash waves of energy that can atomize conventional matter.

Appearance Edit

The blade is a massive broadsword, it made has sections which glow when activated and its handle is two cylinder in a V shape and a typical sword handle. The blade itself was made to be used by a TechnoMorph Titan.

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