The larger cousins of Living Clouds, they are both larger and sometimes predatory. They are also called Star Gods, Star Eaters and the Apex of the Cosmic Food Chain.

Appearance and Biology Edit

Resembling living Nebulae, that is effectively what they are, masses of Plasma Microbes, form massive colonies, to create a sentience. Like most sentients they can be good or evil. While most feed off stars, some have been gluttonous, while others have gone on to seed worlds with life, while others have fed on worlds.

While capable of FTL, they rarely move from system to system due to their massive size.

History Edit

Unlike most Space Borne Lifeforms the Star Vampires were hunted to near extinction by 'Titans'. Few if any of them still exist in the universe at large. While most of Space lifeform are fairly rare and uncommon, Star Vampires are practically nonexistant.

Trivia Edit

  • Their name comes from the C'tan from Warhammer 40k, while their form and nature are inspired by the plots of two of the Fantastic Four Movies.

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