A fan fiction between users SolZen321 and Zombiejiger. This series will only be on this Wiki temporarily so do not ask (SolZen321).

Characters Edit

  • Kira Venn: The main character, a drop out from the Jedi Order
  • Vook Haven: Kira's former Jedi master, with whom she is displeased
  • Darth Saevion: The current dark lord of the Sith, who seeks Kira and her father
  • Darth Pilfus: Saevion's apprentice
  • Kira's Father: A mysterious figure that both the Jedi and Sith are look for
  • Chiss Bounty Hunter
  • HK-50V: Saevion's modified assassin droid
  • Sqin Daled: A Jedi and former friend of Tiga's
  • Vaynar Reglian: An eccentric Jedi master
  • The Sith Emperor: Saevion's immediate Predecessor, he is known as the 'old emperor'

Premise Edit

The series takes place at an unspecified time in the Star Wars Galaxy, and also leans towards the canon of Legends, than Canon. It takes heavy cues from the Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 and the Star Wars source books, The Jedi Path, Book of the Sith and The Bounty Hunter's Code.

Episodes Edit

Story line Plotting Edit

  • Episode 1
    • Kira meets Vook
    • Dark Jedi arrive
    • Kira and Vook argue at the space port, where they run into Dark Jedi, fight ensues.
    • Kira and Vook escape, they argue, and the ship goes to Dantooine.


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