A transmitting device on star ships used to identify them for landing/docking or when on travels.

Nature Edit

A beacon serves the purpose of identifying a particular vessel to another vessel or station. Beacons can show who owns the star ship, from individual to company/species. The broadcast their signal automatically but in less tamed parts of space pilots/captain turn them off because they are target signs for pirates. Beacons are also how ships access Warp Conduits.

Pirates typically do not install beacons on their ships.

Appearance Edit

Beacons typically have a cylinder/monolith style appearance.

Variants Edit

The same technology used for Starship beacons is also used for different purposes. Beacons are also used as Markers, to allow sensors to lock on to areas they normally cannot reach. They may also be planted on/in asteroids for mining operations due to the darkness of space, or exploration.

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