The First Mate of the Atlanta. She is more commonly referred to as simply Stephan

Appearance Edit

Stephan has a large, bulky green and grey body. Aside from her face, it is hard to immediately tell that she is female, made harder by the fact that she wears a battle mask a great deal of the time.


Personality Edit

One of SolZen's oldest friends, Stephan is known for her wisdom and intellectual pursuits, being able to run circles around even the more learned members of the crew. Her's is the wisdom SolZen turns to in times of need. She is one of the people SolZen would never raise his voice to or threaten.

Stephan is knowledgeable in Quantum mechanics and studied in Philosophy and Theology and knows much of the lore of the universe making her a rather mysterious figure.

While generally stoic and composed, she is not above the humor of the crew

History Edit

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Lightsaber: A green lightsaber, it can melt through most conventional materials with each.
  • Spark Cho:
  • Martial Skill: She is trained in martial arts, and can beat most mechanoids with just her bare fists.

Trivia Edit

  • Her lightsaber is a reference to User Stephan's sagely reputation, but also their profile picture...which sports a lightsaber.

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