Turns into a jet, a lieutenant of Gigatron.


Strifer has a square helmet and an almost constant smirk. His jet head rests bewteen his chest armor and his legs double as jet engines, while jet wings point out of his back. He is a purple and grey bot.


The resident schemer of the Darkcons inner circle, Strifer loves to manipulate events from the background and let chaos ensue. He is also ambitious but never tries to go after Gigatron directly for fear of his power, however he is not afraid to argue with him over strategy.


Despite his appearance, Strifer is a powerful bot in his own right, though not as powerful as some Primes, Gigatron or Brawn, he is still powerful enough that the average bot should beware.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Photon Torpedoes: Fired from his transform arms, it is a small Anti-Matter war head. Their destructive power is why they are so hard to reuse, so Strifer has to stock up before battle if he plans to use them.
  • Delta Ray Rifle: Fires a burst of Delta Radiation, a wide band radiation that covers multiples frequencies, such as visible light and gamma rays. It hurts organics and bots in equal regards.
  • Thrusters: Due to his alternate mode, Strifer can fly in robot mode.
  • Ethium Charged Blades: His transformed wings, they are wielded in his hands and can cut just like Ethium Claws.

Vehicle Mode

When on Earth Strifer transforms into and F-15 Strike Eagle, an an alien Jet when off.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Mach 3: Top speed
  • Photon Torpedoes
  • Delta Ray Rifles.


  • Vehicle to Robot: Strifer's trusters transform into legs and fold out his wings turn around and move to his back and his arms emerge and his Jet head folds down revealing his Robot head.