A type of biology seen in only the most evolved of Mechanical Life forms.

Nature Edit

Subspace Physiology involves ( though not just limited to robots, this is about them) parts of the robot in question which are stored out of phase with the main shell, or simply in a pocket dimension. The benefits of this are simple.

More Durable: A Mechanoid/Robot can have backup system beyond the reach of harm, unless hit by a weapon designed to counteract this. Granted this is worthless if the main body is reduced to slag. They can also store excess bio-mass for repairs.

More Power: A Mechanoid can store more parts, such as those that provide power, weaponry and other functions without being weighed down by them or having them conflict with each other.

The parts may be phased in for use, or used in their pocket dimension with the effects channeled into the main body.

The Ultimate use of this biology is disguise. A mechanoid could create a Quantum Hologram, a projection that would be perceived as real by everyone around it, even by interaction, while the Mechanoid controls it by hiding in a pocket dimension.

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Trivia Edit

  • Inspired by the TransTech part of the Transformers franchise

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