A special form of Engen that energizes the body of the mechanoid that partakes of it

Appearance Edit

A bright light blue, though at times it can resemble molten rock (lava/magma) when being moved.

Nature Edit

Engen mixed with Subspace Matter, this combination results in the fuel taking on the energetic properties of Subspace Matter. However, Super Energon can be very volatile, submersion into it can result in a mechanoid being turned into Engen, while smaller doses will result in an unprecedented power boost but can afterwards leave the user drained of energy and weakened.

It is said that a Mechanoid of great will can use Super Engen to reformat themselves, gaining a new more powerful form.

Effects Edit

Super Engen has the effect of converting other Engen, or even more conventional fuels into more Super Engen. This runaway effect is part of why it is so dangerous.

In Mechanoids and other machines, Super Engen can melt through energy path ways and easily overload and fry circuits, if not outright cause the user to explode. For organics it can cause injuries from nervous damage, serious burns to outright vaporization depending on the degree of exposure.

Only someone with a Spark, can hope to use it safely, and even then they must have great willpower.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on Super Energon.

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