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The robot that fought in the War against the Martians

Appearance Edit

Typical 70's Style giant robot with a human like face, and retractable wings paired with large rockets on its back. It shoulders are cylinder and it has a somewhat long neck.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Rockets: Its rockets can reach escape velocity
  • Wings: Its wings can contract inward to not be cumbersome in land battles. Doing so leaves it immobile for a few seconds.
  • Heat Knuckles: 'Brass Knuckles' that can be conjured out of the armor. On impact they can melt through armor via the heat they radiate.'
  • Repulsors: In its feet, they are Magnetic thrusters
  • Graviton Plasma Drive: The main power system, using Plasma Conduits. Its heart is an artificial singularity re-created each time it activates. They are the reason for its great physical strength
  • Heat Ray Cannon: A Chest Beam, of pure heat. The chest armor open to reveal a red plate.
  • Shoulder Missiles:
  • Heat Tomahawk: A giant axe store in its back. Its blade emits heat levels of heat when swung.

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