The Super Robot Academy is an institution dedicated to training young bots to be the future defenders of the Galaxy. It is run the by the Maxigons and has numerous branches around the galaxy. They were created to deal with the threat of the Kaiju Despite what most humans call it, it's real name is the Maxigon Academy, but many races, including humans call it the Super Robot Academy.

Appearance Edit

Each institution is comprised of several buildings around one massive main building which is actually a Metro Titan.

Facilities Edit

  • Holographic Gym.
  • Class Rooms with Computer assisted learning.
  • Cafeteria.
  • Campus Shop.

Curriculum Edit

  • Space Exploration: Students are taught the in and outs of exploring the cosmos
    • Space Engineering: Students are taught how to build and repair the basic space ship.
    • Space Ship Operating: Students are taught
  • Repairs: Students are taught the basics of repairs their bodies and each other
  • Transformation: Students are taught to master the art of transformation, making it as swift as possible.
  • Combat Code Book: Students are taught combat conduct and maneuvers. This also refers to behavior outside of combat during war.

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