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The following page (Super Robot Warhammer) contains material that some viewers may find offensive and/or inappropriate. It is strongly advised that viewer discretion be used before proceeding. Note that the contents of this page does not reflect the view of the Super Robot Fanon Wiki Community as a whole, and we apologize to any troubled by such content.
Imagine Super Robot War, then slap a bunch of Warhammer Rule into it. And you got a damn good war simulator game. But in this game, dead are real and it represent real army. So better have an iron bearing playing it.

A perfect past time for a bunch of sociopathic and psycho god.

Miniature Edit

Miniature in this game are represent by Gunpla. So it burn your wallet more than Game Workshop.. And some Gunpla are simply don't exist. Don't try to play this game I.R.L please.

But in the bright future of Lord Omniverse. Economy are very good so kid can affort an a** load of toy. So this game is their favorite downtime. And all mobile suit are sell Omniverse wide so this game can be play.

Rule Edit

Army: Each player start with 6900 point per game. Which they use buy a squad of Unit, each squad can contain a certain ammount of unit base on their capability and size. When a player destroy another player squad, he gain half the ammount of point the enemy squad have.

Turn: Each player have their turn which they use to determine what place their squad will mobilize into and what weapon they use for each unit. After they determined all that, they will roll a dice to determine what the accuracy rate and such.

Mission: The win condition for each game are determined by the situation at hand, for "serious game" (game to determine the outcome of lesser being war). And game master for fun game (Game play for fun)

Attack: Each player may decide to attack and after that roll a dice to determine the hit rate and damage. If the attack player roll a higher dice than the defend player, each number count as a 20% hit rate. Then the other player roll the defend dice, each number will reduce the hit rate by 20 percent. Agility play a major role as each agility will reduce and and increase the hit rate 10% each

Example: If the attack player with a 27 agi unit roll a six dice. His hit rate will be 390 %. Then another player with the same number of agi roll the dice and got a 5, the attack player hit race will be reduce by 100 + 270 = 370 %. And the hit rate is now 20%.

The target is decide by unit, and in big game where the number of unit reach hundred. The target will be determine by roll the dice. A player can choose a important unit on the squad then roll the dice to determine. If he more than 2 then the unit he choose will be the focus target. After that, he may choose the number of unit base on the number of dice. If the number is 3 then 25 % of the force that target the squad will be focus on the unit. If the number if 4 then it will be 50%, if the number if 5 it will be 75%, if the number it six then it will be 100%. Noted: That the maximum number he can choose, what he choose it entirely depending on him.

The hit rate will determine the number of dice need to hit the enemy. 20% Hit rate will be determine by 1 Dice, and with each 20% the number of dice use to determine the hit increase by 1. If the hit are 100% then it definitely a hit.

Example: If a player get a hit rate of 80%, he and other player can roll a dice four time. And compare their total result to determine the if the attack it a hit or not.

Special Skill: Some Unit can use special skill to influerence the out come of an engagement or the battle at large.

Map Attack: A special attack that can attack several squad in the a certain arrangement of grid. If an unit use Map Attack, the defense player may roll a dice to reduce the hit race. However, in this case, hit rate are determine by how many unit in a squad got hit.

Heroes: Each player can have as much heroes as they want, he can create a whole squad out of heroes if he wanted to. But the squad limit for heroes are 6, and each heroes have a special ability that can influerence the whole squad or just himself.

Warship: This unit will repaired the damaged unit. And contain them when sortie.

Weapon Edit

Type: Weapon can have the following type

Beam: This type of weapon will automatically add 40% damage to any type of unit that are not equiped with anti-beam armor. Super Robot are immune to this type of attack when hit by Real Robot. Mark by the [B] on weapon.

Projectile: This type of weapon can be Counter Cut or Counter Shot by player. Just roll the dice to determine the success rate. Like alway, the success rate are determine by level of skill and dice. Each skill level in Martial Art will increase the success rate by 10%, and each number of dice will be 20% success rate. Attack player can also use dice to reduce the number. Mark by a [P]

Variable: The number of EN use in this Weapon are choosen by player. Mark by a [V:*number of variable*]

Each variable multiply the damage by iself.

Multi Hit: This weapon can be use many time, but each successful will reduce the hit rate by 10%, so be very careful. However, if you choose a different target for each hit, the reduce rule will be negate. Mark by an [X:*number of hit*]

Fast: Just like multi hit, but the reduction rule cannot be negate. Mark by an [F]

Spread: This weapon can attack the whole squad of enemy. However with each target, the accuracy will be reduce by 5%. Mark by an [S]

Auto: This weapon have many source, and each source can target a different target. Thus negate the accuracy reduction rule. Mark by an [A *S tag* *V, F, or X tag*]

Transform and Combination Edit

Each squad can contain unit that can combine with each other. But as long as the unit are on the same side or be allies with each other. It can combine with other unit.

After combine the unit will have the total percentage of it compoment HP averaged.

Special Status Edit

Barrier Break: Completely negate the barrier.

Stun / Paralyze: Unit can't move for a turn, if it Stun then it can be negate by allies, but doing so render the allies unit unable to attack. If it paralyze, it cant be cure.

R.A.P.E: Or Rapid Accelaration Professional Extermination, when get hit by this attack, unless your unit belong to Zen Seibertron Teikoku. He will get hit no matter what, and his Barrier cant do anything.

Un-Corruptible Pureness: Negate all the Special Status.

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