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Story about the game Super Robot Warhammer. Mostly playing on Trump Kingdom due to ... what happen

Trump Kingdom

They should change their name

on Tuesday.

Game 1: Shining Convoy vs L Edit

Shining Army: Earth Federation (OYW only)

L Army: Zeon (OYW Only)

Rule: No Gundam

At Trump Kingdom ... no ... not that Trump who want to built the wall. This Trump Kingdom is a beautiful world filled with peace-loving people.

Game 2: Exkaiser vs Da-Garn Edit

Exkaiser: Celestial Being

Da-Garn: Zeon

Game 3: Star Saber vs Gaine Edit

Star Saber: Tekkadan | Gjalllarhorn

Gaine: Battletech (Piloted by Xeno childsoldier)

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