These are Spark bearing robotic entities. While some have bodies made of Transmetal, some have simple roboic bodies.

Nature Edit

Super Robotic Life Forms all have a Spark, regardless of the nature of their bodies, it is the presence of a spark that seperates them from simple robots and droids.

The presence of the Spark is what causes the 'Super' in their name , it's will, it's life force allows them to lift more than what their physical frames would allow.

Example of Super Robot Races Edit


Characteristics Edit

All Super Robotic Races have certain things in common, not just being robotic in nature

  • Endostructure: They have an internal structure of metal components, power systems, computing systems and hydraulics. These may be purely robotic in appearance or biomechanical or a mixture of both.
  • Armor Plating: Each one of the numerous super robot races, comes with natural armor coating over their inner structure. These may resemble insect shells or the armor seen on typical robots.
  • Super Robot Strength: As their name suggests Super Robot Races are capable of feats typical robots are not designed for.

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