Both the main enemies of the series and the tools to defeat them.

History Edit

During the colonial times, the Super Robots were weapons of war created to fight in the war of independence by Vinland. They were created using the Super A.I. System to be unmanned drones.

At present they have been returning to Vinland causing a new conflict and disrupting trade. To counter them, new Super Robots were made, these versions being manned to avoid the problems of the first system.

The attacking Robots are called Kishin, while the newer models are called Siblings

Models Edit

Kishin Edit

These robots are more round in build, especially around their feet. They all have a single optic for a face

  • Pending

Sibling Edit

More humanoid and slender in design. Their armor is more rectangular/cubic and they have more human like faces. Siblings all have the Sister System installed instead of the older A.I.

  • Pending

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