Robots of incredible strength and ability, they are now commonplace in the world and a source of great debate.

Definition Edit

In the world of TOSR, a powerful robot is not enough to be called 'Super'. To earn this title a robot must have a few select characteristics...

  • Size: The must stand at least 30 meters or higher.
  • Power: They must be able to produce at least 10,000 horse power
  • Functions: It must have at least two abilities. The most common of these is incredible strength.
  • Electronic Brain: Super Robots must have an Electronic Brain, reducing the responsibility of handlers in the operation of their machine.

Many Super Robots are designed as weapons of war and are thus built to withstand great punishment from conventional weaponry. They are often installed with weaponry of their own such as artillery shells and missiles.

Uses Edit

Besides being war machines, many Super Robots serve as icons of their nations technological prowess and wealth. More crude models serve as builders or security.

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