Superium is an rock/metal which shines every color of rainbow, and has disastrous effects on the world around it.

Appearance Edit

Superium resemble a cross between a rock and metal, being the shape and texture of stone but the color of a metal, chrome. It also has a prismatic aura around it at all times.

Nature Edit

Superium is an example of Hyper-Matter, as such it is nearly bursting with energy. While it behave like a rock, it is radioactive generating, Delta radiation, Tetryon Radiation, Phase Energy, and Chronal Radiation. Its presence is naturally the epicenter of anomalies and strange occurrences.

There is talk of the energy of Superium merging with the Bio-Field of some humanoids, to grant them a Hyper-Biology. Said individuals then become vulnerable to the presence of stone and its energies. There is no confirmation about this.

Trivia Edit

  • It is based on Supremium, a material from the Superman Analogue Supreme of Image Comics.

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