A legendary blade that is said to have the power to destroy planets.


The sword is a clamor style blade made entirely of crystal. The blade is made of a green crystal with red runes running down its length and the handle is golden with other characters. When is use it glows.


The blade taps into the power of the 'Veil', the background field/dimension/energy that is the stuff of life. This means that when in use it draws on the life energy of things around it. Over use will kill everything on a planet, even down to the microbial life. The blade appears to have a will of sorts, desiring to be wielded by the most powerful around.


  • Energy Projection: The blade can fire bolts of energy, rays of light, beams etc. Their power depends on how the user desires and how much life is around.
  • Life Force Drain: The Sword drains the life energy around it to fuel its powers.
  • Force Field: It can erect a force field to protect the user.


According to legend, it was created by the great mage Artha (Thume is a title), the blade was intended to be a weapon that would end a great war. However the object proved to cause as nothing but trouble when a tyrant came into possession of it. The abuse of the sword caused the word to die and only by the joining of several great mages was the tyrant stopped and the sword sealed away.