Tales of Super Robots is a series created by Wiki Founder SolZen321.

Premise Edit

Unlike previous series which were meant to be complicated, this series is meant to be simpler and may even be seen as a remake of previous work. This series is not about transformers, or

In this world giant super robots more norm than in real life, which each major nation or company having at least one. The main robot is Maxion, a Super Robot of unknown origin that is sought after by numerous parties.

The world itself has a retro feel to it as people don't walk around with cell phones yet, but there are towering Super Robots. Speaking of which the bots all have the 70's style of design (mostly).

Episodes Edit

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • A: A mysterious youth with ties to the robot Maxion.
  • Dr. F. A. Stein: A robotics expert obsessed with building a Super Robot that can defeat Maxion
  • Dutchess Hilary: A noblewoman with a keen interest in Super Robots, she hopes to find Maxion's secret.
  • Agent Kruger: An agent for an unknown government who seeks to uncover the secret of Maxion.

Secondary Characters Edit

  • Dr. Black: A disgraced scientist who aims to build the greatest Super Robot
  • Prime Minister: The head of the Government, is interested in Maxion's secrets.
  • General Whale: A ruthless general interested in capturing Maxion and reverse engineering it.
  • Pending.

Background Characters Edit

  • Fusion Industries: The world's leader in Super Robots
  • Government: The government of the country the series takes pace in.

Super Robots Edit

  • Maxion:
  • A1 Falcon: A Super Robot that turns into a sort of jet, it was designed for air combat.
  • Ironman 28: A Prototype Super Robot. While originally thought disposed of, it reactivates and goes on a rampage.
  • Super King: A Super Robot designed to Protect Japan which suddenly goes crazy.
  • F3 Gladiator: A powerful Super Robot designed to fight other Super Robots.
  • Sentinel: A security Super Robot with a single eye.

Things of Note Edit

  • Super Robots: Commonplace and starting to take the place of conventional weaponry, Super Robots are becoming a source of controversy and stardom in the world.
  • Electronic Brains: The single piece of technology that allows Super Robots to be mainly autonomous beyond commands from remote controls, most are only enough for a bot to stand up and move about.

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