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The following page (Team Zaku (Lord Omniverse)) contains material that some viewers may find offensive and/or inappropriate. It is strongly advised that viewer discretion be used before proceeding. Note that the contents of this page does not reflect the view of the Super Robot Fanon Wiki Community as a whole, and we apologize to any troubled by such content.
We are Team Zaku, misable bunch of a machine. Who get constantly beat up by the neiborhood bully Gundam. Except that one guy FZ who manage to chop a Gundam head. But he get kill in the process *sob* poor FZ, we alway remember you.

Wo are we Edit

Once upon a time, we are mindless machine. Made by the glorious Principality Of Zeon. But one day, when our pilot get killed and all hope are lost. A god ascended from Earth, the mighty Da-Garn came and revive us. Granting us the gift of Intelligence.

Now we must use that to murder those Gundam. In the name of our God Emperor.

Our Member Edit

Founder FZEdit


He is the greatest Zaku ever grace this world. Our glorious founder is the first Zaku that can significantly damage a gundam. So Captain Zaku can finish it off with a Bazooka. It has been rumored that the Gundam he destroy is even stronger than that blasted White Devil. Without FZ there is no Team Zaku.

Captain ZakuEdit

Captain Zaku

Our respected leader, he is a great man. Who care about his trooper feeling. We all glad that we have such a great leader.

He is very powerful with both fire power and speed. In our first mission he managed to cripple seven Gundam. Forcing them to upgraded, just so they can stand against his might.


4 shoulder-mounted 3 tube missile launcher.

2 280mm Split Bazooka

4 Sturnfaust

2 120mm Hyper Machine Gun

2 Beam Hawk

2 Cracker Grenade



He is our assault squad leader. Comet-kun is nice and good. His speed is three time faster than a normal Zaku and he has been known as a good soccer player. His kick is very powerful


Heat Hawk Red Comet Version

120mm Beam Rifle

280mm Split Bazooka

Ryusei Kick

Pretty Boy GarmaEdit

20140919 garuma-zaku-head

Our team rookie and poster boy. He is well loved by all member of the Team. His role in the team is to coordinate an attack. And he did a very good job. Without him, there will be no Team Zaku.


120mm Long Range Machine Gun

Anti-Beam Heat Hawk

280mm Split Bazooka.

4 x 40mm Vulcan

Big DozleEdit

Big Dozle

Garma big brother, very protective toward him. Big Dozle is our close combat specialist. His big axe can cleave a battle ship in half and destroy mobile armor.


Gigant Axe

120mm Nail Machine Gun

280mm Bunker Breaking Bazooka

Mr.White WolfEdit

Mr white wolf

Big Dozle friend and our team sniper. He is armed with super long range weapon and state of the art thruster. Along with two propellant tank for prolonged flight


Hyper-Long Range Beam Sniper Rifle

Pike Bunker Shield

Sturm Faust.


Full Bullet Zaku

If we need firepower we came to Sgt.Blizt. He is both faster than a normal Zaku and have heavier fire power. Sgt.Blizt most powerful attack is the Red Joker. Where he will charge into the enemy, unleash a storm of hot Anti-Mobile Suit lead on him. After that Blizt will use his heat horn to disable the enemy sensor. And use the shoulder to bash the enemy into the sky. Following by a storm of hot missile and lead from the missile launcher from his hand, the vulcan from his torso and a big handheld machine gun.

Team Three StarEdit

Fat GiantEdit

Slim NorrisEdit

Henry Oji-sanEdit


Old Man Fenrir Edit

Zudah TaboltEdit

Magnet SanguineEdit

Blue ExamEdit

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