The Home World of the Transformers. It is sometimes called just Homeworld, it is officially called Axion, but that name is not used to stop confusion

Appearance Edit

Originally, a rocky Mars like planet, over time it has changed into a metal techno-sphere several times the mass of Earth.

It has three moon, two natural and one artificial, which have also been mechanized

Ecosystem Edit

History Edit

Originally a Mars like Planet, with energy pulses from Axion, the planet was saturated with Proto-Matter and Engen. These locations were called Spark Fields and over the centuries, the planet's mass continued to grow and expand. As its robotic inhabitants advance it became covered in entire cities.

Legends say that it was originally artificially created by the Mechanism Pantheon, to produce servants.

Locations Edit

  • Spark Fields: The places where Axion's energy pulses stop and condense. In ancient times they were fought over by warring tribes, now they are a rare occurrence.
  • Rust Sea: An unstable region in the south known for its Plasma Storms

Over States Edit

The three most powerful cities and their surrounding locations and cities.

  • Tetradon:
    • Helex:
      • Hall of Shapes: Where most Protoforms make their pilgrimage to chose their first Alternate Mode.
      • Garden of Serentiy: A place of meditation.
    • Vanis:
      • Space Port: The official site of off-world traffic.
  • Evatron:
    • Vas:
      • Temple of Spark: A temple dedicated to predicting the next Axion pulse and find the next Spark Field. In recent times it has become a hospital.
    • Haxtron:
  • Kanis:
    • Moricon:
      • Senate House
      • Under City: A makeshift city made from abandoned mining tunnels. It is where the Darkcon first arose and in off limits. Is home to the criminal element.
    • Turicon

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