One of the first known Mechanical Cell based life forms in the Scorpius Galaxy, they were the saviors of the galaxy but also later hated and feared by those they protected. They are considered extinct.

Appearance Edit

Every titan stood between forty to sixty meters tall with the tallest recorded just around seventy meters. They were tall with bulky but smooth armor. Many had humanoid faces with face plates and eyes of varying colors.

Nature Edit

There were a sub-type of the Ancient Mechanoids, bearing similar physiologies. However due to their 'Titan Sparks', they gained massive bodies with devastating power.

Abilities Edit

  • Strength: Being strong enough to hold up their own weights, a Titan can punch hard enough to hurt a kaiju. legends tell of them shattering mountains.
  • Armor: Their armor while highly durable, had a Phase Field Shield, which protected them from physical harm, and most energy weapons. They were considered nigh indestructible.
  • Regeneration: They can recover from wounds in combat, they can also go into a recuperative sleep.
  • Defense Matrix: When dealing with non-physical threats, a Titan's defense matrix (basically their immune system) can react with anything from nano-genes, custom made counter computer viruses. It is not easy for them to get sick or stay sick.
  • Techno Moprh: As their names imply they can shift their anatomy/physiology to create devices and weapons out of their limbs. When not in battle Titans would not set of any sort of scanner looking for weapons because they do not exist until called for. These also include other devices like thrusters. The highest form of this is the ability to change back into their pre-titan form at will. They can potentially change their entire body like a Transformer, but none are know to do that.
  • FTL communications: They can communicate with other and other mechanical devices.
  • Scanning: Their eyes and unseen instruments can scan objects.
  • Long Life: Titans have no definite lifespan.
  • Zeta Particles: Every Titan was able to create these particles to teleport across the galaxy. It required some degree of training to do this and charging up.

History Edit

Created by an the ancient Super Robots, the Titans fought in a great war against an unknown enemy. They were the considered the ultimate weapons of the old Mechanoids. They almost all served as ships and war machines, piloted by their smaller counterparts.

At the end of the war they have become things of myth. What became of them all is unknown, but Maxion is believed to be the last.

Trivia Edit

  • They are based on the Titans from Transformers.

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