A form of Weaponized Code

Nature Edit

Created to offline a Plasma Heart. Techno Venom is a code, which when entered into the Victims Plasma Heart, begins to shut down the Life Code, that holds the Plasma based organ together. It's presence first causes malfunctions within the body, usually systems related to Energy/Fuel Pathways.

The first major symptom is pain, followed by fuel leaking and spasms. Finally the Victim will usually shut down as connections between the CPU and Heart are lost. Shortly after that, the Heart Casing will explode as the Plasma Heart is reduced to explosive plasma. The result may be a hole in their chest or complete destruction of the body.

If the user has a Super Plasma Heart, they may be able to survive, but they will be rendered infantile, as their memories and operating system is wiped and their Heart will temporarily have the power of a normal Heart.

Because of its nature, it is useless against Embers, or other similar Energy Cores. Even if the weapon was modified to target their Bio-Code, an Ember is naturally more resistant to such an attack than even a Super Plasma Heart

History Edit

Created during the end of the Great Mechanoid Civil War, it was rumored to have been created by Hyperion, of the Destroids, to use against Cyberbot combatants.

It was the only weapon able to harm a Mechanoid Titan. According to rumors there was a newer version in the works able to kill bearers of Super Hearts.

Trivia Edit

  • Inspired by Cyber Venom from Beast Wars.

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